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  • Comply Class A Power Quality Measurement

  • Comply with IEC62053 class 0.2S

  • Measurement sampling rate of 1024 samples/cycle 

  • Event waveform recording (8GB memory)

The digital universal measuring device GPQM144 is suited for measuring and displaying electrical quantities of electricity networks. The device measures currents and voltages, energy consumption and power, and displays the individual current/voltage harmonics for assessment of the power quality in accordance with DIN EN 50160. The accuracy of active energy measurements corresponds to class 0.2 S in accordance with DIN EN 62053-22.

The GPQM144 is suitable for use in 2-, 3- and 4-wire systems and in their respective versions as TN, TT and IT systems. This allows monitoring single and polyphase systems. With its standardised dimensions of 144 x 144 mm, the device is intended for front panel mounting.


  • Class A power Analyzer

  • Monitoring the quality in accordance with DIN EN50160 

  • Accuracy class according to IEC 62053-22: 0.2S

  • High Resolution Failure Record with 1024 point/cycle

  • Harmonics measurement up to 63rd order

  • Colorful LCD interface 

  • Failure diagnose location, 20us for transient disturbance record

  • Supports Failure Diagnose: support voltage

  • Sag source, harmonic source, flicker source,

  • Asymmetric source location and power supply

  • Failure type diagnose

  • Full Real-time Data Measurement

  • 4 current and voltage inputs

  • 8 GB internal memory

  • 8 digital input / 4 relay output

  • Supports Modbus RTU and TCP


  • High voltage distribution networks monitoring

  • Low voltage distribution networks monitoring

  • Data Center Building

  • Commercial/residential building

  • Industrial building

  • Critical facilities – Hospital, Lab, Research building

  • Factory

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