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  • Comply with MID EN50470 Class B

  • Build in Modbus RTU communication

  • 2 tariffs energy counter

  • THD harmonics measurement

GDC230/GDC232 is part of the new smart Graphene-Meter-Series and an advanced digital DC energy meter, which can be directly connected to up to 1000Vdc via a DC shunt to any system. The unit measures all-important system values like voltage, current, power, energy and etc. All data in the meter are accessible via RS485 using modbus RTU. 

The meter has two versions working with AC or DC power supply. Input voltage range up to 300, 600, 1000Vdc, and current inputs are flexible with DC shunt and current sensors. The multi-tariff version has a RTC equipped inside, it can provide multi-tariff information and monthly records. 


  • Accuracy 1% of max range

  • Voltage range: 5....1000Vdc

  • Primary current range: 0....2000A

  • Input shunt: 45/60/75mV

  • Measures voltage, current, power, energy

  • Modbus RTU communication

  • Single / Multi-tariff


  • Solar installation

  • Generation plant

  • Charging Station

  • DC energy metering

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