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circuit breaker panel repair


We offer a wide array of services and trainings to our clients.


Voltage Dip

Voltage dip simulation test according to

SEMI F-47 test



Root cause analysis and mitigation solution



Comprehensive and non-comprehensive maintenance


Power Compensation

Reactive power compensation and harmonics filter sizing.


Testing & Commissioning


Electrical Safety Training

Theory, design and protection of IT (Ungrounded System) and TN/TT (Grounded System)


PQ Monitoring

Onsite power quality and inrush current measurement.


Earth Fault Detection

Online earth fault detection and location.


Safety Test

Electrical safety test in accordance to IEC60601-1/IEC62353/DIN VDE 0751


Preventive Survey

Infrared thermographic scanning for preventive maintenance and energy saving.


Industrial Training

Industrial stand communication and software design and application


Power Quality Training

Power Quality problems and the mitigation solutions

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In almost all aspects of our daily life, safety is indispensable. Sadly, even for modern and advanced industries, a safe and reliable power supply is often taken for granted. Hazardous ground faults occur frequently in today’s electrical wiring. An insulation breakdown and power failure can jeopardize life and may cause massive financial loss to the company.

There is a huge demand for reliable electrical safety systems which are able to diagnose even a miniscule electrical insulation breakdown before it causes problems to the entire power system. Our solutions are well suited in sensitive systems like data centers, highly automated manufacturing plants, wafer fabrication factories, power generation plants, oil rigs, FPSO, petrochemical plants, and hospitals.


Maximum electrical safety and associated fault-free operating processes are our top priority. Having a reliable and safe electrical system brings several advantages to your organization. We provide early detection of potentially critical plant conditions, giving you greater operational reliability. Our capabilities in providing innovative measuring and monitoring systems have minimized power supply interruption, protected personnel and equipment against electrical hazards, and increased productivity.

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Power Quality (PQ) is the set of limits of electrical properties that allows electrical systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance or life.

Power Quality is becoming an increasingly important issue in today’s world as we depend on reliable and continuous power supply for our daily activities. Poor power quality can cause significant power interruptions resulting in lower productivity and loss in revenue.

“You can’t control what you don’t measure” is a well-known quote that many organizations apply in quality management. Here at Eetarp Engineering, we are dedicated to assist our clients to gain control over their power requirements through online monitoring and analysis of events as well as providing them with solutions to improve power quality.


Monitoring is the best way to identify a premature power quality event. Both permanent and temporary monitoring options are available to meet our clients’ needs. We add value to your company in power quality monitoring through:

  • Measurement and analysis of your electrical system’s power quality conditions

  • Provision of historical data of power quality events

  • Reduction of downtime by identifying potential problems

  • Root cause analysis of power quality events

  • Pre-emptive solutions to overcome power quality events

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Energy consumption is one of the most significant costs in a company. With the escalating oil prices, many companies are now putting priority on managing their energy utilization and consequently improving their profit margin. Increasing awareness to reduce carbon footprint and the government incentives to implement Green Mark standards to reduce global warming have made energy management among the corporate responsibility goals set by many companies.

We believe that good energy management begins with understanding how a consumer uses energy. Our role is to help your company achieve its goals in the most cost effective way by putting in place an energy management system.


With the help of our team of experts, we will ensure that your company is making progress towards energy-saving targets and becoming more energy efficient. We are committed to assist your company in the following:

  • Allocation of energy resources

  • Detection of abnormal energy consumption that may be due to faulty equipment

  • Maximal utilization of the existing design

  • Reduction of maximum energy demand

  • Avoidance of over design in case of expansion

  • Extension of equipment life through understanding the energy load

  • Provision of automatic meter reading for sub-meter billing

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