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  • Comply with IEC62053 class 0.5S

  • Measurement sampling rate of 128 samples/cycle

  • Build in Modbus RTU communication

  • Harmonics measurement up to 63rd order

GPM96 Power Quality & Energy Measurement Meter is used to record and indicate electrical parameters for electrical network. The GPM96 series is a top new-generation intelligent panel meter, used not only in the electricity transmission and power distribution system, but also in the power consumption measurement and analysis in high voltage intelligent power grid. The accuracy of active energy measurements corresponds to class 0.5S in accordance with DIN EN 62053-22.

The GPM96 is suitable for use in 2-, 3- and 4-wire systems and in their respective versions as TN, TT and IT systems. This allows monitoring single and polyphase systems. With its standardized dimensions of 96 x 96 mm, the device is intended for front panel mounting.


  • Measurement accuracy according to IEC62053-22 Cl 0.5S

  • Harmonics up to 63rd order)

  • Memory Recording for energy, demand, max demand & max/min record

  • Real time clock

  • Build in Modbus RTU communication

  • 6.4kHz sampling (128 Samples/cycle)

  • Multi tariffs

  • Optional 4DI, 2DO

  • Optional Modbus TCP/IP

  • Optional MID certified


  • High voltage distribution networks monitoring

  • Low voltage distribution networks monitoring

  • Data Center Building

  • Commercial/residential building

  • Industrial building

  • Critical facilities – Hospital, Lab, Research building

  • Factory

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