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  • Comply with MID EN50470 Class B

  • Build in Modbus RTU communication

  • Compact size of 54mm width

  • Direct Connection Up to 100A

GEM540 is an advanced digital multi-function power meter and part of the smart Graphene-Meter-Series, which can be connected to loads up to 100A (direct). The device measures all-important system values like active energy, reactive energy, current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency and max demand. 

Bi-Directional measurement makes it an ideal choice for power generation plants like solar/PV fields. Standard industrial interfaces like Modbus RTU ensure a smooth exchange with any other system. The front panel allows the user to check data and set up the meter via easy-to-access buttons. To provide the highest safety and to prevent unwanted changes in the settings, all communication parameters are password protected. 



  • Measurement accuracy according to MID Class B

  • Direct Connection up to 100A

  • Measure active energy, reactive energy, current, voltage, active power,
    apparent power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, max. demand

  • Memory recording for energy, max  demand

  • Modbus RTU communication 

  • MID certified

  • Class 1 (IEC62053-21) or Class B (EN50470-3) 

  • Self-Powered with measuring voltage

  • Option with 2 Digital Inputs


  • Low voltage distribution networks 

  • Power station 

  • Generation plant

  • Data Center

  • Consumer billing

  • Retails shop

  • Commercial/residential building

  • Oil & Gas Plant

  • Offshore and marine

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