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  • Smart Monitoring Platform (IoT Solution)

  • Highly Customizable and Scalable

  • Customizable Reporting System

  • Web-Client to Access your Data wherever you want

  • Easy database integration (e.g. SQL)

Graphene is a modular and scalable management system for various applications. It not only assists the user in detecting potential failure but also enables to diagnose and analyze the potential issue in order to increase the overall system reliability and efficiency. At the same time, it presents meaningful information with a highly customizable report function.

This enables Graphene to work as a centralized solution to combine and transfer data from multiple locations through intra-, or inter-net, from systems like Building Management Systems, Lighting Management Systems, Solar Systems, and Chiller Monitoring Systems.

The open communication interfaces allow the integration of IoT sensors and electrical, mechanical, environmental, facilities equipment. Also, systems like medical isolated power system (IPS), residual current monitoring system (RCMS), HVAC, or IFLS can be integrated into one comprehensive platform. This gives the user an in-depth insight into the system's entire data at any time, with real-time monitoring, alarming, and analysis. Whenever and wherever needed.

  • We offer different license module available for different needs

  • Mobile Access (New!)

  • Dashboard (Improved!)

  • Electrical Overview (Improved!)

  • Correlation Analytic (New!) - Analyze the relationship and correlation between variables and values. The result will display the strength and synergies of the relationship

  • Customizable Alarm Thresholds (New!)

  • Standard Reporting

  • Advanced Reporting

  • SQL-Integration

  • Failure Analysis (New!)

  • Alarm Analysis & Management

  • Message Control

  • Archive Server and Historical Trend (Improved!)

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Facility Monitoring

  • Benchmark Analytic (New!)  -  Compare the present performance against historical records to identify necessaries settings and parameters in order to achieve the best system performance

  • Determine where energy costs can be reduced without adversely affecting your business operation.

  • Improve Reliability - Prevent failures from occurring by identifying problems before they result in failures and subsequently downtime.

  • Improved data reporting efficiency with automated reporting features in order to minimize human errors.

  • Smart Monitoring - Collect and display field data, perform calculations, and share information with other management systems via open database SQL server or web-server GUI.

  • Load Profile Monitoring - Understand the load flow of your facility and its electrical system operation by tracking and metering the load profile.

  • Improve your billing and cost allocation processes by automatic collection of meter readings and energy consumptions.


Building Monitoring System (BMS): The centralized monitoring of the health- and alarm-statues of the building equipment and the possibility of remote control and maintenance increases the efficiency and flexibility of the maintenance team dramatically.

Energy Monitoring System (EMS): Determine where energy costs can be reduced without adversely affecting your business operations. This prevents failures from occurring by identifying problems before they result in alarms, shutdowns, and subsequently, downtimes. Automatically generate the report according to the pre-configured report template to maximize efficiency.

Power Quality Monitoring System (PQMS): Analyze and verify the power quality is compliance with international standard or Singapore standard (Transmission Code, EN50160, IEC61000, IEEE519, etc) Identify the source of PQ related process interruptions, and minimize or make corrections with mitigation equipment.

Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM): With an automated monitoring system and full-stack visibility across the entire data center, Graphene collects the data automatically and helps detect, monitor, and protect the entire IT infrastructure. The 24/7 monitoring maximizes reliability and efficiency.

Isolated Power Monitoring System: Centralized monitoring system for Isolated Power System installed at Hospital and Medical Centers (Group 2, according to IEC60364-7-710) to ensure the insulation fault can notify the maintenance team immediately for rectification without risking the patient life.

Residual Current Monitoring System: Centralized monitoring system for Residual Current Monitoring Devices, which assists in detecting the deterioration of the insulation level during an early stage, which maximizes the uptime of the systems. The message control sends a message to the user even before reaching the tripping threshold of the RCD in order to perform predictive maintenance.

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