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  • Built-in automation functions

  • Hardware redundancy

  • AES-128/256 encryption

  • X.509 certificates

SMP Gateway line of products that leverages 25 years of experience working with utilities to provide solutions to their most challenging automation projects. The SMP4260 gateway is one of the most advanced automation platforms in the industry and provides all the functions required by the modern automation system in a single highly reliable and powerful package.

In addition to data concentration, protocol translation and logic processing, it provides a built-in HMI and secure remote maintenance access to substation and field devices, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity for a large variety of applications.

  • Up to 32 serial ports

  • Hardware and software redundancy

  • Built-in automation functions

  • IEC 61131-5 compliant Soft PLC engine

  • Integrated firewall

  • Secure maintenance connection (SSL/TLS)

  • Secure SCADA protocol (SSL/TLS)

  • AES-128/256 encryption

  • X.509 certificates

  • Automation projects

  • Sensitive data transfer

  • High security demand from user

  • Data concentrator for monitoring and control

  • Secure SCADA communications and data exchange

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