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  • As an alternative to the insulation test by means of periodic verification

  • Alternating, pulsating or AC/DC sensitive measurements can optionally be carried out by selecting

  • the measuring current transformer for each channel

  • Preset function

  • Analysis of the harmonics, DC, THF

  • Adjustable frequency response for protection of persons, fire protection, plant protection

Residual current monitors are used to monitor earthed systems (TN and TT systems) for fault currents or residual currents. The sum of all conductors except the protective earth conductor is measured by means of measuring current transformers.

In general, residual current monitors (abbreviation RCM) are used to send a message to the user even before reaching the shutdown threshold of the RCD. Residual current monitors detect deteriorations of the insulation level at an early stage and in a reliable way.


  • Up to 90 RCMS… monitors, up to1080 measuring channels in the system

  • Fast parallel scanning for all channels

  • Response ranges: 10 mA…10 A (0…2000 Hz), 6 mA…20 A (42…2000 Hz), 100 mA…125 A (42…2000 Hz) RCMS…-D4

  • Preset function

  • Adjustable time delays

  • The frequency response characteristics can be set for the protection of persons, fire and plant protection

  • Continuous CT connection monitoring

  • RoHS compliant


  • Monitoring of currents regarded as fire hazards in flammable atmospheres

  • EMC monitoring of TN-S systems for “stray currents” and additional N-PE connections.

  • Monitoring of N conductors for overload caused by harmonics

  • Monitoring of PE and equipotential bonding conductors to ensure they are free of current

  • Residual current monitoring of stationary electrical equipment and systems to determine test intervals which meet practical requirements in compliance with the accident prevention regulations DGUV V3 (Germany).

  • Personnel and fire protection due to rapid disconnection

  • Monitoring of digital inputs

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