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  • IoT smart monitoring solutions for smart switchboard

  • Support digital input/output and analogue input/output

  • Supports all common communication protocols

  • Remote monitoring features via MQTT / Modbus protocol  

  • SMS notification of status and alarms

The Eetarp PCFDMS is designed to efficiently monitor the field metering devices, protection devices, overcurrent relays, digital or analog status for electrical switchboards and subsequently transmitting the data to the central monitoring station via open communication protocols like Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP or MQTT.

The PCFDMS consist of one central programmable logic device (PLC) with SMS modem and built-in RS485 port, one RS485 communication card, high-quality 10-inch touch control panel, communication gateway, 24Vdc backup UPS (with ultra-capacitor), multiple remote IO units (for status monitoring of protection devices and breaker status) and other necessary accessories to ensure a smooth operation.


  • Modular Design - Highly Scalable

  • Suitable for new applications & retrofit projects 

  • Monitoring of the events occurs time

  • Monitoring of the events normalized time

  • Indication of event locations by feeder location

  • Comes with 32GB SD for storing events and data logging

  • Comes with 10-inch touch control panel with 1024 x 800 resolution for hash environment (suitable for hot & humid area) 

  • Comes with Smart loT gateway with built-in security features to meet cybersecurity requirement 

  • MQTT broadcasting function

  • SMS notification function

  • User friendly interfacing for easy usage

  • Decentralized 10 module to ease the installation


Remote Sub-Metering Monitoring
Increase visibility for building energy consumption and continue improve the energy efficiency. Uploading the data to customer cloud system for live monitoring and data recording. 

Power Consumption Fault Detection Monitoring System (PCFDMS) 

Power Quality and energy monitoring and identify the fault before they result in failures and downtime. Uploading the data to customer cloud system for live monitoring and data recording. 

Suitable for residential, commercial, critical facilities and industries application. 

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