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KBR Energy Management develops and produce products and solutions to reduce energy costs in SMEs and industry. KBR offers for more than 40 years a reliable and coherent system for many important tasks that are important for managing the energy required. Efficient and at the highest quality level. Reactive current compensation systems and energy optimization systems reduce energy costs by reducing reactive energy and peak power. The energy data management system and measurement technology help to identify weak points and to use the primary energy more efficiently. Another area of KBR is power quality. With the help of active and passive filters, mains interference is eliminated.


Power capacitors for reactive current compensation in single-phase and 3-phase versions, developed for the highest requirements. Apart from a long operating life and high current and voltageload capacity, safety in case of overload (all-pole overpressure disconnector) is a crucial advantage of the compact dry technology components. Other features are good heat dissipation, low self-heating as well as reliable performance at high ambient temperatures.

  • Power from 2.8 to 37 kvar

  • Capacitor rated voltage of 280, 415, 440, 480, 525, 690 or 800 V

  • High level of safety through dry technology and 3-phase internal overpressure disconnector

  • Including compact discharge resistor

  • Long operating life

  • Made in Gemany


To prevent resonance phenomena caused by harmonic content in the power supply system, filter circuit reactors are required to set up detuned compensation systems. Here, high linearities guarantee the necessary functional stability even in the overload range.

  • Power from 2.5 to 75 kvar

  • High linearity, low power dissipation

  • Overload protection through temperature switch

  • Low-noise through impregnation

  • Long working life

  • Improvement of impedance behavior


The microcontroller-controlled multicomp F144-xxx-3 records all network data relevant to the control of small systems via A/D transformer inputs. After calculating the required compensation power to achieve the desired target cos φ, the available capacitor stages are automatically switched on or off with a few switching operations. Programming is menu-assisted and is performed with two buttons. System-specific values are stored in a non-volatile memory. Each stage can be switched individually via the built-in manual-0-automatic function.

  • Detecting and compensating for the missing compensation power in case of recovery into the energy provider network

  • Rapid compensation with few switching operation

  • Display with two-line LC display, stage status an recovery

  • Manual-0-automatic switch separately programmable for each stage

  • Integrated temperature measurement

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