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  •  Complete system overview

  •  Parameter setting for all Bender devices

  •  All Bender communication interfaces

  •  Displayed in the web browser, local software installation therefore not required

  •  Adaptable to individual requirements by means of function modules

The communication solutions from Bender allow rapid information exchange of the devices as well as retrieving data and the system status via the web server. In this way, the entire installation can be monitored at a glance. Visual processing of the data makes it easier to identify trends.

Frequently, installations cannot be monitored appropriately with one single measuring point. Several measuring points are required, which have to be adjusted to the system structure. Gateways ensure seamless interconnection, condition monitoring as well as processing of the data for the evaluation software.


  • Condition Monitor for Bender systems

  • Integrated modular gateway between Bender systems and TCP/IP enables remote access via LAN, WAN or the Internet

  • Range of functions adjustable through function modules

  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s) for remote access via LAN, WAN or the Internet

  • Support of devices connected to the internal or external BMS bus via BCOM, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP


  • Centralize monitoring

  • Data conversion

  • Remote monitoring

  • Remote maintenance

  • Remote diagnosis

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