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  •  Versatile monitoring and control center

  •  Easy integration of all Bender and other components

  •  Comfortable operation and cleaning

  •  Various display sizes available (7", 15.6", 21”, 24")

  •  Future-proof technology

Indicator and control panels play a decisive role at the interfaces between man and machine. Their task is to provide visual and acoustic alarms and to convert information from the system into comprehensible operating and handling instructions. This is especially true when critical operating situations are imminent.

The Control Panel offers the user a solution that meets the requirements of modern medical areas as well as those of industrial and purpose-built buildings.


  • Display sizes 7", 15" and 24" with tempered and non-reflective glass

  • Easy to clean and disinfect, protection class IP54

  • Screwless mounted front panel

  • User-friendly touch-sensitive monitoring system for medical areas and other applications

  • Especially simple operator guidance

  • Additional information for medical and technical staff

  • Visual and audible notification in case of an alarm

  • Clear menu structure with self-explanatory interactive pictures

  • Clearly marked safety functions

  • Silent due to fanless operation

  • High quality display with excellent contrast, high resolution and wide viewing angle

  • Possibility of graphic integration of building plans or status displays in photo quality

  • Problem-free integration of external devices such as charging station for operating table control and microphone units with film surface

  • Simple conversion and expansion with minimal service interruptions

  • Customer-specific solutions are possible (e.g. display sizes, foil front)


  • Monitoring, operation and display of:

  • Medical IT systems

  • Supply systems for medical gases

  • Ventilation systems

  • Room lighting

  • surgical lights

  • special power supply systems (BSV or UPS)

  • further plants of different manufacturers

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