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Eetarp, established in 1999, is an internationally active company and a pioneer in electrical safety, power quality, and energy management. As part of Bender, a family-owned company originating from Germany, Eetarp possesses extensive capabilities in research, product development, and manufacturing. We serve critical industries worldwide, offering market-leading systems and components that monitor and analyze electrical systems to enhance efficiency and provide advance warnings for potential electrical failures. With over 70 representations, Bender is a renowned international pioneer and Eetarp is the local hub for the Asia Pacific region, focusing on tailor-fit solutions. Our recent product innovations include software solutions, energy management tools, analytic software, and components designed for the safe charging of e-Mobility applications. Maximize the performance of your systems and safeguard both people and machinery with Eetarp, your ultimate solution.


Electrical Safety

In almost all aspects of our daily life, safety is indispensable. Sadly, even for modern and advanced industries, a safe and reliable power supply is often taken for granted. Hazardous ground faults occur frequently in today’s electrical wiring. An insulation breakdown and power failure can jeopardize life and may cause massive financial loss to the company.


Power Quality

Power Quality (PQ) is the set of limits of electrical properties that allows electrical systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance or life. PQ is an important issue in today’s world as we depend on reliable and continuous power supply for our daily activities. Poor power quality can cause significant power interruptions resulting in lower productivity and loss in revenue.


Energy Management

Energy consumption is one of the most significant costs in a company. We believe that good energy management begins with understanding how a consumer uses energy. Our role is to help your company achieve its goals in the most cost effective way by putting in place an energy management system.

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