InfraTec was founded in 1991. Through many years' development and international experience, InfraTec can offer any advice for the configuration of your thermographic system, also provide you with thermographic solutions tailored to your special application, design solutions for industrial automation using thermographic systems, start with a detailed problem analysis up to the delivery of the turn-key solution and its maintenance.

The excellent thermal and geometrical resolution, rugged user-friendly design, state-of-the-art digital technology, powerful image analysis, comprehensive equipment, good price/performance ratio and low operating costs are substantial advantages of the thermographic solutions offered by InfraTec.

Infrared camera series VarioCAM ® HD research 900

With its 3.1 megapixels in IR-format this worldwide unique infrared system gives a new definition to the premium segment of uncooled thermographic inspection cameras. Image format: (2,048 x 1,024) IR pixel optomechanical MicroScan feature Frame rate up to 240 Hz (half screen mode) High-resolution 5.6 inch TFT display with (1,280 x 1,024) pixel and inclinable colour viewfinder* (optional, depending on model)

Infrared camera ImageIR ® 9300 Series

The new high-end infrared camera ImageIR ® 9300 from InfraTec is a further top of the range model of the high-end series ImageIR ®.ImageIR ® 9300 was developed for demanding operations in research and development, non-destructive material testing and process monitoring sectors. Its modular structure, which consists of optical-, detector- and interface-modules, makes it easily adaptable to the respective application.

Infrared camera VarioCAM ® hr inspect 700 Series

Highest resolution throughout the world for inspection purposes. Geometric resolution of (1,280 x 960) infrared pixels helps to avoid measuring errors. Highest thermal resolution for detecting even slightest temperature differences. Light metal housing for little impact of electro-magnetic radiation

Industrial thermal cameras

The stationary infrared cameras of the VarioCAM ® HD head, VarioCAM ® hr head, VarioTHERM ® InSb and PIR uc series with their solid light metal housings are suitable for applications under harsh process conditions. The solid construction and compact body dimensions of InfraTec's stationary infrared camera modules, as well as their protection degree up to IP67 standard make them a useful tool for many application areas in research and industries.

Early Fire Detection

Fire protection for companies and environment with thermographic solutions. Early detection and localisation of critical temperature situations through thermographic solutions. Non-contact high-resolution temperature measurement at great distances. Automatic documentation and alerting. Monitoring of objects and fire even in case of smoke and dusty air. Special solution WASTE-SCAN for early fire protection in waste bunkers as required by law

Active Thermography

Active thermography is an imaging procedure and, in connection with high-resolution infrared cameras, is perfectly suited for contact-free and non-destructive material testing. It allows for quick detection of material defects and opens up new possibilities in research, development and quality assurance.

Preventive Maintenance

Thermography provides a fast overview of the conditions of electrical installations. Hot-spots are a good indicator for faults when doing comparative thermography. Reliable detection of hot-spots requires a sufficiently high number of pixels. During thermographic measurements load conditions have to be kept in mind. Important flexibility of infrared camera systems is reached by interchangeable lenses

Thermal Optimization

Improve product features and process characteristics based on energy optimization. Thermal images allow for detailed analysis of heat developments of components and processes. Hot spots may indicate faults and room for optimization. High number of pixels of infrared cameras prevent risk of wrong measurements.

High-speed Thermography

Infrared camera systems allow thermographic precision at highest speeds. Snap-shot detectors and complementary components provide for highest measurement speed. High availability also with fastest data acquisition and handling large amounts of data. Thermal behaviour of fast turning objects can be analyzed.

Thermography in Human Medicine

The application of thermography in human medicine is versatile and efficient. Thermography as non-contact and non-invasive process is patient-friendly. Infrared camera systems provide a detailed picture of the body temperature’s distribution in an efficient way. Flexible use of thermography for various disease patterns. Imaging of smallest temperature differences in high resolution.