Eaton Cybectec SMP Products

Originally founded in 1980 to provide technical consulting services and to develop custom hardware and software systems, Cybectec has provided its customers with solutions that meet the most demanding real-time and reliability requirements in a number of areas, including electrical power substation automation, integration, communication and instrumentation.
Cybectec solutions are implemented in some of the largest utilities in North America. It has longstanding expertise in custom and consulting services, and an outstanding reputation for customer support, making it a leading player in the field of enterprise automation solutions for the power industry.
Seeing potential in Cooper Industries, Eaton acquired the Cooper Industries for $12.6 bn in 2012. Eaton continues to innovate the Copper Power series and continue to provide customers with the best service possible.
Leveraging on more than 20 years of hardware and software development with its Cooper Power™ series, SMP™ SG-4250 substation gateway and delivers one of the most advanced substation automation solutions on the market. With its robust, flexible and scalable design, the SMP SG-4250 substation gateway is an evolving solution that adapts to new market requirements.

SMP Gateways are rugged, reliable, and tailored to our customer’s requirements. They are easy to setup and use. Thousands of SMP Gateways have been installed worldwide. Eaton has decades of experience in substation gateway design, making our SMP product line one that utilities can rely on. Following are a listing of the general features, protocols, and security features offered in the SMP SG-4250 substation gateway.

  • Get the most flexible integration platform with up to 10 Ethernet ports and 32 serial ports
  • Leverage best in the industry processing power to implement the most demanding projects
  • Protect your investments by integrating your legacy equipment with newest technologies including IEC 61850
  • Avoid getting trapped in a single vendor solution with a truly interoperable platform
  • Strengthen Cyber-Security with secured SCADA protocols, encryption, andcertificate based authentication
  • Comply with NERC/CIP requirements; don’t let security slow you down
  • Get the most of your system using built-in alarm management system and advanced HMIs
  • Add intelligent control using the built-in IEC 61131-5 compliant Soft PLC engine
  • Retrieve and manage non-operational data such as fault records and Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) files
  • Rely on a robust substation-grade platform with advanced redundancy features
  • Save time and get all the performance of the SMP SG-4250 gateway with a complete custom length cable offering
General Features Supported Protocols Security Features
Data concentration DNP3 with Secure Authentication  v5 Integrated firewall
Protocol translation IEC 61850-ed2,  GOOSE Secure maintenance  connection (SSL/TLS)
NERC CIP compliant security IEC 61400-25 Secure  SCADA protocol  (SSL/TLS)
Hardware and software redundancy IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 AES-128/256 encryption
Modular- and field-upgradable hardware and software SEL Fast Meter and ASCII X.509 certificates
Up to 10 1Gb/s Ethernet ports IEEE Std C37.118™-2005 standard  synchrophasor Secure remote access for IED maintenance (passthrough)
Ethernet  NIC teaming MODBUS Account management:
Ethernet multihoming Secure  ICCP Strong passwords
VLAN tag support IEC 62056 User accounts and user groups
Integrated web server AREVA Courier,  K-BUS Detailed group permissions
Automation functions ABB Standard  Ten Bytes, SPABus Access management
IEC 61131 compatible  Soft PLC Algodue Access attempts logs
(CODESYS) Beckwith Account lock upon failed access attempts
Passthrough connections to IEDs BlueTree Retrievable access logs for auditing
IED event file retrieval Conitel Syslog support for remote log storage
Offline and template-driven configuration tool Cooper Form 6 All system  components  digitally signed
SEL relays  autoconfiguration Cooper 2179 Continuous file monitoring for system integrity
Microsoft Windows®-based  maintenance tools, including protocol analyzer FTP Achilles certification
Commissioning tool with communication dashboard and MS Excel add-in GE (D20, EGD, SR, UR, Syprotec) Nessus compliance
Local/remote  HMI with single-line  capabilities Harris 5000/6000  
Alarm annunciator Hathaway  
Open Interface based on RESTful Web  services Mehta Tech  
External communication radio support Morgan Schaffer (Calisto)  
Secure file transfer Motorola  MDAC  
Integrated self-diagnostics Landis+Gyr (LG8979)  
Integrated watchdog timer Opto 22 (Optomux)  
Power supply monitoring OSIsoft PI server  interface  
High-accuracy real-time clock RuggedCom  
(with battery backup) Schneider  Electric (ION)  
Internal clock synchronization using IRIG-B, IEEE Std 1588™-2008 standard,  SNTP, or via protocols SES-92  
Device clock synchronization using IRIG-B (demodulated), IEEE Std 1588™-2008 standard,  SNTP, or via protocols SDI-12  
Alarm contacts VALMET (TEJAS)  
No moving parts    
Panel mount ready    
Custom-length shielded cables available