Eetarp Group


Algodue Elettronica have been active on the international market for several years they have acquired a wide experience both in customer care and solution providing.
They steadily invest in new technology as well as in new solutions to enhance and increase the product range and to guarantee a service, both to keep up with the times.
Thanks to the interplay of the wide range of products, their flexibility and the 20-years experience in the energy sector help us offer application-oriented solutions and achieve customer satisfaction.

Energy Counter
Energy Counter suitable for an efficient energy management according to EN 50470 standard and MID certification.

  • For billing.
  • Extreme flexibility with optical port to be combined to external communication modules.
  • 1/5 A three phase version by TA, 80 A single and three phase versions with direct connection and 32 A single phase version with direct connection.
  • Phase reversal and diagnostic function notify polarity errors in the connection.
  • Active, reactive and apparent energy measurements in 4 quadrants.

Power Meter
Power analysers for energy control in industrial environment for Din Rail and panel mounting (96x96mm and 144x144mm). Suitable to be combined to Rogowski coils.
  • LED or LCD wide display with excellent readableness.
  • Advanced functions for the electrical parameters measurement and for the analysis of energy quality.
  • Up to 4 optional plug-in boards.
Rogowski coils
MFC150 new version completely redesigned: Rogowski transducer for high current values and for uncomfortable installations.
  • Quick installation.
  • Wide dynamic measurement range: from a few mA to hundreds of kA.
  • High linearity.


  • Totalization of the electric consumption in hotels congress centres, exhibition fairs.
  • Accounting of the consumptions in buildings with executive office services.
  • Internal allocation of the consumptions for civilian and industrial buildings in timeshare.
  • Totalization of the electric energy in the industry for each single line or machine.
  • Measurement of energy generated by renewable sources such as solar and etc
  • Energy control and monitoring systems.
  • Power peaks control.
  • Harmonics monitoring.
  • Motor inrush current studies.
  • Remote metering and cost allocation.
  • Lab measuring devices.
  • Power monitoring and control systems.
  • Single machine load monitoring.
  • Very high current monitoring.