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"The power behind electrical systems. We make electrical power safe!". Staying true to their vision, Bender provides electrical safety products that contribute to an optimum of hight operating saftey and reliability in power supplies. This was done with Bender's innovative solutions based on more than half a century of experience with implementation in demanding sectors such as hospitals, commercial building and shipping industry, just to name a few.

For more than 60 years BENDER's objective has been to provide solutions for safe and secure power supplies, especially where high levels of safety are important. Using the latest technology, BENDER offers measuring, monitoring and protective systems to monitor the electrical safety of machines and systems in order to provide an early warning before critical operating conditions result in damage to property and interruptions to operations involving considerable costs or before the life and health of people is endangered. Complete testing systems to test the electrical safety of devices and systems, including data management software, supplement the product range.

The products cover a wide range of applications extending from building services engineering, hospitals through all types of industrial applications and power supply and distribution to traffic engineering.

Products offered

  • Electrical safety for floating/ungrounded power systems
  • ISOMETER®, Isolation monitors, Ground fault detection – Ground fault location - Ground fault relays
  • Power distribution for hospitals
  • MEDICS® – the integrated safety solution for medical locations. ATICS® automatic transfer switching device, Isolated Power Systems (IPS)
  • Electrical safety for grounded power systems
  • Residual current monitors RCM, RCMA for AC and DC - Residual current monitoring systems RCMS for Multi-channel applications
  • Power Quality
  • Universal measuring devices (also power analysers) of the PEM product line record all relevant electrical quantities of electricity networks and provide transparency for electrical installations.
  • Measuring and monitoring relays
  • Loop monitors for ground continuity, 1AC/3AC/3NAC Voltage relays, 1AC/3AC/3NAC Current relays, Phase Monitoring, Phase Sequence, Phase Asymmetry
  • Testers for medical electrical equipment
  • UNIMET® stands for standard-compliant tests and measurements, easy operation, wide interface variety and high-quality service.