Eetarp Group

EETARP Graphene Monitoring System

Eetarp Graphene’s infrastructure is securely protected by substation grade communication gateway with built-in firewall protection and it supports various kinds of industries standard interfacing protocol including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet, OPC, DNP 3.0, IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-103, IEC60870-5-104, IEC61850, etc.

Eetarp Graphene gives you meaningful information whenever you need it through SQL database. The reporting results can be customized into graphical presentation such as pie chart, bar chart, words, excel or online table format. It works as a centralize system to combine the data from different systems like Building Management System, Lighting Management System, Solar System, Chiller Monitoring System and transfers the data to one more multiple centralized location through intranet or internet.

Eetarp Graphene manages your power quality issues by understanding the cause of the disturbances and resolves problems with proactive methods to prevent future problems. Events monitoring and waveform plotting are some of the most important features where users are able to analyse the waveform, diagnose and isolate PQ.


  • Smart Monitoring
  • Collect and display field data, perform calculations and share information with management via open database SQL server or webserver GUI.
  • Cost reduction
  • Determine where energy costs can be reduced without adversely affecting your business process. Prevent failures from occurring by identifying problems before they result in failures and downtime. Identify the abnormal activities by reviewing and comparing historical trend data Re-schedule load sequences to reduce peak demand charges and off-peak rates. Perform cost benefit analysis of adding capacitor banks or upgrading equipment to decrease power factor penalty
  • Billing and Cost Allocation
  • Automatic collection of meter reading and energy consumption Calculate energy cost automatically and generate the report according to pre-configured report template automatically (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Knowledge
  • Understand your facility and its electrical system operation and interactions.
  • Power Quality Compliance
  • Analyze and verify the power quality is compliance with international standard or Singapore standard (Transmission Code, EN50160, IEC61000, IEEE519, etc) Identify the source of PQ related process interruptions, and minimize or make corrections with mitigation equipment.
  • Capital Investment
  • Historical trends established using real-time data assist in the planning and implementation of capital investment for building and equipment upgrades
  • Environment Friendly
  • With electricity being one of the biggest producers of carbon emissions, becoming more efficient with electricity is the simplest, easiest way to reduce toxic carbon dioxide emissions.


We offer different licence module vailable for different needs

  • Dashboards Module
  • Online Graphical View Module
  • Online Report Viewer
  • Reporting Module
  • Alarm Analysis & Management Module
  • Historical Trend Module
  • Power Quality Analysis Module
  • Load Management Module
  • Building Environment Monitoring Module
  • Facility Monitoring Module
  • Message Control Module
  • Pass-through Module
  • Automation Functions Module