Eetarp Group

Graphene Meter Solution

As customer provide different requirements and budgets, Eetarp has to provide solutions to aid in customer's needs. This is seen in our Meter solutions.
We provide the following categories of meters

  • Graphene Energy Meter
  • a MID Energy Meters that comply with EN50470 Class B standard where it is suitable used to record and indicate electrical energy consumption for energy billing.
  • Graphene Power Meter
  • Graphene Power Meter is a new-generation intelligent panel meter that comply with IEC62053 class 0.5S standard, used not only in the electricity transmission and power distribution system, but also in the power consumption measurement.
  • Graphene Power Quality Meter
  • Graphene Power Quality Meter is a multifunction metering device with advanced functionality, true RMS values and is able to store the measured values according to a programmable rate and record the events and details waveform information when they occur for post power quality analyzing.
  • Graphene CLASS A Power Quality Meter
  • Graphene CLASS A Power Quality Meter is a high-end power quality analyzer, able to monitor and record the major power quality parameters. It provides an accurate measurement; voltage characteristics are monitored according to Class A specification and certified according to IEC/EN61000-4-30:2015 Ed.3.