Eetarp Group

Current Transformer Module E850 Series

E850 series din-rail mount current transformer module designed for multiple circuits monitoring in order to track actual usage of each power circuits for office, commercial building or data center.

The unique PCB mounted current transformers are designed to meet AC current sensing needs. Current transformer designs are made from the highest quality silicon steel cores available, and meet most of the common AC current measurement needs. The High Frequency (-F) products are designed for high frequency applications such as high frequency power supplies and AC-DC converter for measuring of RMS values up to 2000Hz. The current transformer is designed to comply with UL, CSA, CE, and RoHS standard.


With the increase of market demand, users tend to change the way of billing method. Branch circuit monitoring (BCM), the newest technology for measuring branch circuit usage and it became a benchmark to help both customers and colocation providers better monitor and manage their facilities.

  • Circuits load current monitoring .
  • Circuits load current limit alarming .
  • Load-based cost allocation .
  • Load management
  • Data reporting for data centre.


  • Turn ratio Np:Ns = 1:3000
  • Accuracy better than 0.5%
  • Response Frequency up to 2000Hz
  • Current measurement up to 120A
  • Cost-effective – Single module able to measure up to 6 circuits.
  • Easy Installation – Din-rail mounts design for easy installation.
  • Simple Connection – Plug in type terminal block ease the installation.