Eetarp Group

Eetarp Intelligent Branch Circuit Monitoring System(iBCMS)

Eetarp E800 series Intelligent Modular Branch Circuit Monitoring System (iMBCM) is an affordable solution that is designed for ease of installation, accurate data collection and timely reporting of anomalies in the power distribution unit (PDU). E800 series iMBCM delivers precise, intelligent analysis of circuit-level electrical usage, breaker status, trip status and incoming power meter information.
iMBCM is the ideal solution for data center managers, engineers and operational executives who are responsible for delivering power to critical applications or server rack. This helps user to properly plan, monitor and maintain their critical power infrastructure to meet the demands of continuous availability without interruption.

iMBCM is highly accurate and is uniquely designed for multi-circuits monitoring in modular solutions. Each iMBCM can monitors up to 384 branch circuits with multiplier of 12. With its modular design, planning of future expansion and maintenance of iMBCM becomes much convenient and easier.

The iMBCM is uniquely designed with 3000 turn high accuracy split-core CT which has a better than 1% error, the unique hinge and locking snap allows attachment without interrupting the current-carrying wire for adoption in retrofit applications.
iMBCM provide open communication protocol (MODBUS TCP/IP) interfacing to Eetarp DCSuite Manager - Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) software package and deliver regular updates on overall system information into centralize monitoring system.

Individual PDU data will be available through a single IP address assigned to the touch screen communication gateway. With this design, integration of iMBCM into central monitoring system has been simplified significantly.


  • Monitor minimum acceptable tolerances of critical facilities
  • Visualize the healthy status and energy usage of PDU with graphical diagrams
  • Monitor potential over current trip at incoming of PDU
  • Overload alarms from dedicated PDU branch circuit monitoring
  • Real-Time information on PDU’s breaker status


  • Individual iMBCM can monitor up to 384 circuits
  • Easy Installation with split core CTs
  • Supports hot swap of CTs to avoid downtime
  • Open Communication Protocol via MODBUS TCP/IP
  • Provides ampere, (A), power (kW) and energy (kWh) for each individual branch circuit
  • Capture total current per phase for the entire electrical panel
  • Monitor single phase, dual phase and 3-phase circuits
  • Provide PDU’s summary usage and breaker status
  • Up to 6 digital inputs available for alarm/signal monitoring