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We provide the following trainings for our customers:

 1.Grounding type according to IEC 60364-4-41 and their protection

  • IT(Ungrounded System)
  • TN,TT(Grounded System)
  • Advantages of IT system over TN/TT system and application area
  • Understand the Electrical safety in location for medical use in accordance with IEC 60364-7-710.
  • Protection measure applied on IT system:
    • Insulation monitor device (IEC/EN 61577-8 compliance), earth fault location system
  • Protection measure applied on TN/TT system:
    • Residual Current Monitoring Type A or Type B, according to IEC 62020, IEC755 and EN50178 standard requirement on the residual current operated protective devices

2. Power Quality problem and the mitigation solutions

  • Voltage dip/swell, interruption, distortion. Standards applicable: CBEMA, ANSI, SEMIF47, ITIC, etc....
  • Understanding of harmonics in the power system, source of harmonics, influence/problems caused by harmonics. IEEE 519 Harmonics Distortion Limitation.
  • EN50160 power quality standard requirement, set limits for the voltage, frequency variation, total harmonics distortion limit, individual harmonics, voltage unbalance.
  • How to use power quality analyser to capture useful events for trouble shooting.
  • Available solutions to mitigate harmonics problem and voltage dip.  



3. Lightning protection earth measurement and soil resistivity measurement

  • How to measure the earth electrode resistance (overall/ individual) and soil resistivity using different method:
    • 3 pole
    • 4 pole
    • Selective method
    • Stake less method

 4.Power factor and harmonics correction

  • Understand more about passive and active harmonics filters
  • Understand more about power factor correction in electrical network with harmonics
  • How to select the capacitors based on the IEC60831.
  • How to select harmonics filters

 5.Communication protocol & software training

  • Understand more about communication protocols in the form of OPC Servers for the IEC60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850 protocols, in either master or slave configuration, DNP3, etc.
  • Using Visual Substation training

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